Why Serviced Apartments Are Advantageous During COVID-19 Lockdown in Melbourne

COVID-19 Lockdown is taking the toll of everyone in Melbourne particularly those who are stranded in the city. If you’re one of them and is looking for that accommodation know that getting a serviced apartment is advantageous. We will discuss with you how do serviced apartments work and why they are advantageous.


Not having to pay for more. Living in a hotel may sound classy for some, but with the glamour also comes the high amount of money that you need to pay. Staying in a hotel for even just a month will leave your pocket empty if you don’t have a really high budget for your accommodation alone. The sad part of this is you will be paying a lot for just a single room with very limited space. There is also the additional cost of buying your food and paying for your laundry. Serviced Apartments Melbourne-Teri is not only spacious! It offers cheap accommodation in Melbourne with a secure and modern home quality experience.


Not having the feeling of being away from home. A serviced apartment is something that you can call your home for your long stay in Melbourne. Being a fully furnished unit, it offers a comfortable living. Having your own kitchen, laundry area, and living area that allows you to invite some friends-just make sure that you are not partying as most of these properties don’t allow that. Living in a fully furnished serviced apartment will give you that homey vibe that you can never get or experience if you are living in a hotel, like cooking your own meals and eating it in your own kitchen. Let’s not forget the fact that kitchen utensils are also provided.


Due to the growing industry of this type of accommodation renters will easily get cheap serviced apartments in Melbourne. Teri Serviced Apartments for example will allow you to rent a unit for as low as $95/night depending on the room type and the dates. Regardless this amount is a great deal considering that you will be getting a self-contained apartment of your own. This is by far the most economical way of staying in South Melbourne which crashes the idea of getting a hotel room.


Spacious for your daily routine. Serviced Apartments in Melbourne like Teri offers flexibility like organizing your work in your own working space without having to worry about your internet connection as it comes free with the accommodation. The location is also very favorable as the building is located at the heart of the city. If you’re looking for that perfect stay in Melbourne and not willing to pay for more in exchange for fewer amenities and convenience, contact us and we will be happy to help you.