What Indoor Things You Can Do In Your Melbourne Serviced Apartments On Lockdown

Melbourne lockdown due to COVID 19 is forcing all people to stay in their homes and their serviced apartments. Instead of sitting down and killing yourselves with boredom, there are productive things that you can do under your own roof.

Convert your fully furnished living area into your own entertainment room. Who says going to the theatres is the only way to satisfy your movie cravings? Melbourne serviced apartments like Teri has smart TV where you can watch Netflix all day and all night long. Your streaming will be uninterrupted because of the complimentary unlimited Wifi in the building. You can cuddle and enjoy a bowl of popcorn with your loved ones and stay safe in your own room.

Be your own chef in your modern fully furnished kitchen. Luckily Melbourne COVID-19 lockdown is not prohibiting people to do their groceries. You can buy anything that you need in your Melbourne Serviced Apartments-Teri kitchen, and cook your favorite dishes. If you want to be your family’s Gordon Ramsay and impress them you can watch some online cooking classes. Streaming your online cooking show will be seamless with the unlimited internet access that is included in your serviced apartment’s accommodation.

Are you the type who loves coffee and can’t live without it in a daily basis? There is no need to visit your favorite coffee shop in Melbourne. Teri Serviced Apartments has a coffee maker in all of the rooms. You can prepare your own coffee with the coffee pods we provided during your stay. You can have your coffee time in your own balcony while enjoying the view of Melbourne City.

Are you sad that you can’t go to the gym and do your daily workout routine and kill your gains? Cry no more as Melbourne Serviced Apartments-Teri living area is very spacious. You can do your basic bodyweight exercises and not miss any exercise sessions. You can also do it near your balcony if you’re the type who loves the outdoors, and love the smell of nature.

You see living in Melbourne Serviced Apartments-Teri during the lockdown is not that unfortunate after all. You just to be creative, make use of what you have, and appreciate it. If you’re stuck in Melbourne due to COVID-19 lockdown, book with us and not have that feeling of being away from home. We have adjusted our rates to help people affected by the pandemic.