Top Places to Visit in Melbourne After the COVID-19 Lockdown

Being in lockdown for weeks due to COVID-19 makes people really excited to visit places once the travel restriction is over. We know that it’s never too early to plan your trip, so here are top places that you can visit in Melbourne.


South Melbourne Market is the place to go if you’re into fresh foods and healthy eating. This place is abundant with the state’s organic and freshest harvest, which will surely make your kitchen colorful and delicious. If you’re the type who is not into cooking no sweat as this place is surrounded by different restaurants. Street foods are also all over the place if you’re the type who loves the adventure of tasting different cuisines.  In fact, this place is always visited by Serviced Apartments Melbourne-Teri’s guests.


It’s always great to wash your palate with something sweet paired with a cup of coffee, something that The Old Paper Shop will welcome you with. They are famous for their mouth-watering desserts and decorated cakes. They also won’t disappoint you with their breakfast treats that start with their signature sandwiches and salads that they will perfectly make for you. This place is a must go in Melbourne, and is loved by the majority of Serviced Apartments Melbourne-Teri guests.


Are you the type who loves paintings and sculptures? Then try to visit Smart Artz Gallery. The place has exhibits and will let you feel the vibe of the Melbourne’s best artworks. There will also be live performances that would surely satiate your hunger for art. If you’re one of those who just want to see something new, this place surely won’t disappoint.


Do you love to know the history of the state and feel that old-fashioned vibe? You can head to Emerald Hill Library & Heritage Centre before hitting the sack. You will be able to learn about old cultures, local history, and exhibitions. If author speeches and exhibitions are your things, this place won’t disappoint.


Watching the sunset after a day of busy shopping and touring is a great way to end the day. You can enjoy the sea breeze while walking on South Melbourne Beach. This place will give you that Florida vibes with palm trees and rollerbladers all over the place. Of course, you want to take your dinner light before you head to bed with fish and chips and you can wash it down with a bottle of beer, while your fully furnished Serviced Apartments in Melbourne Teri is waiting for you. Fish and chips shops are all over the place.


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