If you’re new to Melbourne or are unfamiliar with Australian rules football and the Australian Football League (AFL),

you may feel a little bit lost when it comes to the thrilling sport that has captured the hearts of Melburnians. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! We’ll lead you through the basics of the game and offer tips on how to immerse

yourself in the AFL experience while living or staying in Melbourne in this beginner’s guide to AFL.

Firstly AFL 101: Understanding the Basics:

Begin your AFL journey by becoming acquainted with the fundamentals of the game. Some things that are fundamental to understand include:

– The game’s field is an oval shape
– There are 18 teams in the competition
– There are a variety of positions that players play in
– The scoring system is quite simple; 6 points for a goal, and 1 point for a behind.
– You score a goal by kicking the ball through the two big middle posts at your team’s goal
– You score a behind if you miss the goals, but the ball goes in between the goal post and the smaller behind posts on either side.
– The sport is played by both men and women in two different competitions.

We’ll break down the main components of following this sport, so you can understand the complexities of the game and prepare to cheer alongside passionate fans at a live match.

Choosing the Right Team:

Discovering which AFL team to support can be an exciting part of your Melbourne experience. One of the most important decisions that you will have to make is who to support. There are ten Victorian-based teams that you could support whilst staying at ‘Melbourne City Apartments’ and here’s a quick way to choose your team! In alphabetical order:

– Carlton Blues – Their colours are navy blue and white and have a rich history with the Italian community in Melbourne. Have won the equal-most premierships in the history of the sport. Fierce rivals with Collingwood and Essendon.

– Collingwood Magpies – Their colours are black and white with their club logo being a magpie. Known for having some ‘rough around the edges’ but very loyal supporters. Fierce rivals with Carlton and Essendon.

– Essendon Bombers – Their colours are black, and red. Known for its passionate and dedicated fanbase. Have won the equal-most premierships in the history of the sport. Fierce rivals with Carlton and Collingwood.

– Richmond Tigers – Their Colours are yellow and black, known for having the best theme song in the league and supporters who love to sing it! Rivals are Essendon and Collingwood

– Hawthorn Hawks – Their colours are brown and gold. Known for having a recent successful period in their history from 2013-2015. Rivals are Geelong.

– Melbourne Demons – Their colours are red and blue. Known for being one of the oldest teams in the competition and having supporters who live in the wealthy part of town. Rivals are Geelong.

– Geelong Cats – Their colours navy blue and white hoops. Their home ground is located about an hour from Melbourne’s city and are one of the oldest teams in the competition. Rivals are Melbourne.

– St. Kilda Saints – Their colours are red, white, and black. They are known for having a loyal fan base, despite only winning one premiership in their history. Rivals are Western Bulldogs.

– Western Bulldogs – Their colours are red, white, and blue. It says so in their theme song! They are known for having a large support-base in Melbourne’s western suburbs. Rivals are St. Kilda.

– North Melbourne Kangaroos – Their colours are light blue and white. With the countries national animal as their mascot, they are known for playing the game in a tough manner. Although they haven’t had much recent success, this team was once a powerhouse of the competition. Rivals are Essendon.

Be careful though, there are also some interstate teams to choose from… Although you may not be a fan-favourite cheering for one of these teams!

If you can’t make up your mind, a safe bet would be to barrack for the Melbourne Demons! After all, they’re named after the city you’re staying in, and they play their home games at the legendary MCG (only a 10-minute walk from our ‘Platinum’ penthouse)!

Have a listen to their theme song to give you some inspiration. If they win, you’ll be able to sing along with other supporters!

Also pictured below are their team logo and captain ‘Max Gawn’.

Check out more information about the Melbourne Demons on their website www.melbournefc.com.au

Attending an AFL Match:

Nothing compares the rush of being in a stadium surrounded by thousands of AFL fans. We highly recommend attending a game at the legendary, world-famous Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG – pictured below) or other AFL grounds around Melbourne, to fully-experience what it is like to cheer on a team in the AFL. If you choose to stay at ‘Melbourne City Apartments’, you’re in luck. Our penthouses are walking distance to the MCG and Marvel Stadium. The two biggest stadiums in Melbourne. If you’re not up for walking, there are also plenty of quick public transport options from all three of our penthouse options.

To book your tickets to upcoming matches, visit www.ticketmaster.com.au/afl

Pre-Match Rituals and Traditions:

Immerse yourself in the pre-game rituals and traditions that distinguish AFL matches from any other sport in the world. From the amazing pre-match entertainment to the team mascots, banners, and the enthusiastic performance of team songs by the spectators. It’s also a cheeky Melbourne tradition to have a few pre-game drinks, to calm the nerves, at a local pub on the way to the game! Whilst you’re there, treat yourself by ordering a Melbourne favourite, ‘The Parma’.
Some famous pubs close to the MCG include ‘The Duke of Wellington’, ‘Young & Jacksons’ and the ‘Cricketers Arms Hotel’.


‘Melbourne City Apartments’: Your AFL Accommodation:

When it’s time to choose accommodation for your Melbourne visit, look no further than ‘Melbourne City Apartments’. Our magnificent penthouses offer a comfortable and stylish stay that is ideal for enhancing your AFL experience. Located in prime locations throughout Melbourne, provide convenience and quick access to AFL venues and other attractions. Choose Melbourne City Apartments as your home away from home to make your stay in Melbourne unforgettable.

As you begin your AFL journey, keep in mind that immersing yourself in the sport is a wonderful way to interact with Melbourne’s dynamic culture. By following this plan and staying at Melbourne City Apartments, you’ll be perfectly placed to enjoy the thrills of AFL while indulging in luxurious comfort. Begin your experience today and make lasting memories of Melbourne’s favourite sport!

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