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Penthouse Management

Discover how much more your penthouse property is really worth with Melbourne City Apartments Team of property valuation experts. Our expertise is based on maximizing your rental yield.

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We provide 100% free appraisal of your penthouse to give you market insights into what it could be worth to you if we added it to our boutique portfolio of Penthouses

Why get an appraisal?

Its simple, to ensure you get the full picture of what short term renting can mean for your pocket.

This is why more and more investors like yourself are looking at us to show them what there property can be worth to them.   Whilst getting a higher yield you also have the flexibility to use your beautiful property for a staycation and or special occasions.

Melbourne City Apartment provides short term rentals to its corporate client base across the globe.

Our unique expertise is around managing 5 star properties. We are a boutique operation that has the unique insight to manage, source clients and in return provide a higher return to the owner

Leasing – We provide a turn key service. If the property fits our market we will take this on and run it through our short term leasing portfolio.

Property maintenance – We keep the property pristine and this we provide property maintenance as part of our offering

Routine Inspections – Our brand is based on a 6 star experience, weekly checks are done to ensure that the property is being maintained to the highest standard.

Why we are different?

We have operated in Melbourne CBD for 5 years and know the market well. We provide all marketing for the apartment in house so no need to worry that your property will go unnoticed.

We only add a small number of properties to our portfolio to ensure that we provide the complete package to our landlords and our Customer base that expect high standards when they stay at Melbourne City Apartments

Reach out today and let us show you what your property is really worth.