Platinum 4 Bedroom Penthouse Your Perfect Accommodation In Melbourne

Melbourne is always a favorite destination for tourists, students, professionals, and business persons while the Platinum 4 bedroom penthouse is always the preferred accommodation. So what exactly are the reasons why bookers are always competing just to book a night or two in this 4 bedroom penthouse?

If you’re a tourist you would like to have a great feel and view of the city considering that you are spending money to visit the place. Having that lovely night view of the city is always one of the top reasons and the Platinum 4 Bedroom Penthouse is located on one of the highest floors of the famous Platinum building. The furnished huge balcony is a perfect place to have night talks between family members, friends, or even business associates. The favorable location offers a full and lovely view of Melbourne City during the night and day.

The huge living area is perfect for wedding pictorials or business gatherings. We have some photos posted just to give you ideas on how classy the accommodation is.  What is an accommodation without fun and leisure? The Platinum 4 Bedroom Penthouse has a huge entertainment area and offers a huge pool table. You will have the luxury of chatting or maybe drinking champagne while warming up your pool skills. How amazing is that? In case you don’t want to join the fun you can just have some quiet time and spend the night with your music player while chilling at the bathtub with your favorite scented candles. That’s right! This accommodation includes a huge bathtub that is perfect for pampering yourself.

Tired of going out each time you’re hungry? That is not a problem at all. Platinum 4 Bedroom Penthouse includes a modern and spacious kitchen where you can cook, experiment, and test your cooking skills. You can just buy your ingredients before checking in, put everything inside your own fridge and you are good to go.

And last but not the least; accommodation is not complete without the spacious, comfortable, and lovely bedrooms! Platinum 4 Bedroom Penthouse speaks for its name of having 4 modern bedrooms that offer a piece and quite a great night of sleep. We made sure that linens, sheets, and blankets are always new. These rooms are highly maintained as the property owner runs a thorough check and screening before accepting guests.  Parking is one of the issues if you’re booking in Melbourne, so we are making sure that your car is safe and secured. There is onsite parking that is connected to your apartment via the lifts.

If you need accommodation that is both classy and affordable, book with us in advance. There is a discount on our website that you can use to get that 10% OFF. See you soon!

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