Melbourne Teri Serviced Apartments and COVID-19

It’s undeniable that COVID-19 is affecting how people do things-Teri Serviced Apartments will make sure that your accommodation needs are taken care of.

The number of accommodation in Melbourne has plummeted since COVID-19 mainly because of border closure. People have accepted the reality that they can’t visit Melbourne and has to stay home, but what about those who are stocked in the city and can’t travel back home? Tourists who are far away from home are torn between cost of living and safety. These are two factors that our fully furnished apartments are addressing.

Teri Serviced Apartments is famous for being clean and convenient, and with the height of the pandemic our staffs have heightened the cleaning standards. Our apartments are constantly sanitized giving you the assurance that all units are COVID-free. Though we are in need of bookings we don’t just accept any reservations just for the money. We always consider the safety of people staying in the building by checking on the people’s travel history. We are sorry for those who are feeling unwell but we have no choice but to turn down their bookings. Guests who are healthy but just wants to do a self-isolation can do a no person to person contact check-in. We are for our guests and employees.

Teri Serviced Apartments is also fully aware that during this crisis the virus is not only our enemy. There are people who are taking advantage of the situation so we heightened our security measures as well. We have implemented a no-party policy in all of our properties. We perform a reasonable screening procedure for upcoming guests. Our fully furnished serviced apartments will not only give you a roof above your head, but an apartment living that is classy, affordable, safety, and ideal.

You have read this far and you are wondering how much you would spend for a fully furnished accommodation in Melbourne. Teri Serviced Apartments is delighted to let you know that we accept short term and long stay with very reasonable weekly pricing. There’s also a bonus of getting your onsite parking spot with ideal rate that won’t hurt your pocket.

To sum everything up, COVID-19 brings us a very bad year but our fully furnished accommodation will never let you down. Teri Serviced Apartments will let you realize that staying in Melbourne with the pandemic won’t be that bad after all.