How Serviced Apartments Are Addressing Homelessness in Melbourne Due To COVID-19 Lockdown

Sad to say homelessness in Melbourne has increased due to COVID-19. So how serviced apartments are helping in addressing the issue? Read on and find out.


Due to the lockdown, a lot of tourists are stranded in Melbourne City. Know that Melbourne accommodation is not cheap, and these people can’t just stay in the hotels for as long as they want. If you have money to pay for a hotel your challenge will be financing yourself for food, laundry, and other basic accommodation needs. This is when serviced apartments in Melbourne will come in, and make the stay comfortable and stress-free.


Melbourne Serviced Apartments-Teri is providing a very affordable accommodation rate, making it very friendly for those who are struggling to find decent accommodation in Melbourne City. Serviced Apartment type of accommodation is known to help people who are stranded in Melbourne book a unit without having to worry about their day to day expenses like that if they are staying in a hotel. The good feedback is also for the modern fully furnished units where they can cook their meals and do their laundry. Serviced apartments are also providing basic accommodation needs like sheets, towels, toiletries, condiments, and kitchen utensils.


With serviced apartments, you don’t have to share your kitchen with other residents so you can store food without having to worry that someone will take it. One person staying in a mobile home in Melbourne stated that he can’t leave food in the fridge, because surely it will be gone in the morning. Just imagine how frustrating and traumatizing can this be for an individual.


Melbourne accommodation has improved since the availability of furnished serviced apartments like Teri. Guests can even arrange a payment mode that would fit their income and budget. If you are one of those who are still searching for a safe place to stay in the city, message or calls us and we would love to help. Serviced Apartments Melbourne-Teri not just here to earn money, but also to help people who are in need.