How Privacy is Maintained in Serviced Apartments Melbourne-Teri

Serviced Apartments Melbourne-Teri understands that your privacy and security during your stay is crucial. So what are the things that the company is doing to maintain this privacy?

Finding that cheap serviced apartments in Melbourne during the COVID-10 lockdown is hard enough considering that you also need to make sure that privacy and security during your stay won’t be sacrificed. Serviced Apartments Melbourne-Teri is located in the heart of the city where the police force is everywhere when you need one. As part of our heightened effort to secure our guests in the building, we have also hired our own security guard that is available 24/7. The police force and security guard numbers are posted all over the building giving that additional feeling of safety to all serviced apartment residents.

The main door of Teri building is secured with an automated lock that only people with fob can open. Serviced Apartments Melbourne-Teri is very strict with issuing these fobs to only the guests. There is also a certain time that the building is open for visitors, and we made sure that this is implemented with our 24/7 security guard on standby.  Guests won’t also have to go down if someone’s looking for them as they can always check through the intercom that is installed in every unit.

The experience of staying in Serviced Apartments Melbourne-Teri is no different than staying in a hotel. All secured units are modern and fully furnished. You can’t find something like it among other serviced apartments in South Melbourne without having to pay for more. This is also one of the reasons why our accommodation is preferred by many in Melbourne, particularly those who are staying long term.

Aside from being safe, Serviced Apartments Melbourne-Teri also offers hotel quality stay that will make you keep on coming back. If you are one of those who are planning to book for a future stay, or currently in the city and looking for a reasonably priced serviced apartment in South Melbourne, contact us so we can arrange your booking.

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