How Melbourne city apartments put value in the word ”SERVICED” amidst a pandemic

Overnight the world changed. Accommodation providers have to face the dilemma of either closing down the business or keep losing revenue. Amidst the struggle the first thing that’s being sacrificed is value.

This is where MCA saw an opportunity to stand out from the rest. As a business, we believe that every guest is a partner. We understood the concept of delivering what was expected and more. As everyone else was cutting lost, we fell back on what we know best, providing a family-feel customer service experience to our guests.

Covid or no covid, Market street will always have its charm, The Teri apartment will always have its facilities, view, and a feeling of being home. What we aim for is making sure our guests feel that it has a Team delivering quality customer service. When everyone else was finding ways to cut corners, we found a way to stand out.