COVID-19 Safety Tips for Melbourne Travelers

The spread of the COVID-19 virus is mainly due to carelessness and lack of education about prevention.  Months ago it was confirmed that the second wave of the virus was traced to be coming from hotels. So what exactly are people traveling to Melbourne should do?


It’s always safe to stay at home, but there are those who have no choice but to travel to Melbourne. This can be due to work or medical purposes. These are people who have clearance to travel. The sad part is that this clearance is not making them immune to the COVID-19 virus, so what they need to do is to be very careful. Use of own vehicle is highly recommended.  Avoid stops to buy something. Make sure that you have everything you need in your car like food and water for the entire duration of your trip. Always abide by interstate travel restrictions.


If there’s a need to ride on a plane always select a one-stop flight. This prevents you from being in contact with a lot of people. Wear masks at all times, and always implement social distancing. Always bring your own alcohol and hand sanitizer. Don’t also forget that majority of the risk is during boarding, security checks, and baggage retrieval. Always limit yourself from touching any surfaces, and make sure to sanitize each time you do.


Looking for a place to stay also plays a very important role. As mentioned in the first part of this article, the COVID-19 virus second wave transmission originated from one of the hotels in Victoria. A secure and good Melbourne accommodation in the city can be hard to find. You can opt to stay in a hotel or fully furnished serviced apartments depending on your budget. Always make sure that proper precaution is being followed.


The lockdown is also giving you the option to have the best Melbourne City accommodation deals as most of the hospitality establishments are struggling to keep up with their business. Melbourne Serviced Apartments-Teri provides one of the most secure, COVID free and affordable rates if you’re looking for Melbourne City accommodation with a balcony.


Always make sure to wear a mask hen going out for your medical or work appointment. Avoid crowded places. If you need to take a walk for your physical or mental health, go to the beach or take a hike. You can also go biking.  If you’re eating out, always pick a table that is outside and is far from other customers.