5 Reasons Why Serviced Apartments Are Advantageous

You may have heard that serviced apartments are great, but you may not be sure or know why. We will discuss with you 5 reasons why you have to choose a serviced apartment for your stay in Melbourne.

Serviced apartments offer enough space during your stay. It has a living room, kitchen, laundry area, and balcony that it literally doubles the size of a hotel room. It’s perfect if you’re the type who doesn’t want to stop your yoga session even if you’re away from home. You have enough space to position your yoga mat and sweat your stress out. If you have children, they will have ample space to play and explore. Serviced Apartments-Teri is one of the properties in Melbourne that majority of guests favour because of the reason stated above.

Serviced apartments include fully equipped modern kitchen for you to fulfil your culinary activities. Some hotels offer free breakfast, but that would only be until 10AM. There are lazy days that you just want to wake up late, and don’t want to rush for that breakfast. This ends skipping one meal for the day. This won’t happen with Teri Serviced Apartments. You can cook anything that you want in your own kitchen, and have the convenience of eating your breakfast in bed. Are you too lazy to do your dishes? Don’t sweat about it. You can throw your dishes in the dishwasher and handle it later, or request for the cleaners to do it for you with a very minimal fee. They can also tidy your room making it perfect when you get back after a day of exploring Melbourne City.

Serviced apartments won’t shock you with high bills. The amount of your rent for the serviced apartment will cover bills and utilities. Internet access is also unlimited, and there will be no hidden fees. Serviced Apartments Teri will take care of your needs that the only thing you will worry is where to go for that perfect Friday night drinking. Just make sure that you come back with a sane mind as noise is strictly prohibited in the building.

Serviced apartments onsite staff and customer service are very friendly and accommodating. The rising competition of serviced apartments in South Melbourne goes in favour to the guests. Majority of the companies are making sure that they take care of their customers to make them regulars. Customer service is the first thing that guests notice even before they check on their rooms. Teri Serviced Apartments have an office and helpful staff that are willing to help, and also has a standby hotline for whatever inquiries you have during or before your stay.

Lucky for all guests, serviced apartments are always there whenever needed. Booking is so easy that you can do it any time of the day by calling or booking directly on their website. Teri Serviced Apartments offers discount codes for direct bookings. May it be an urgent move or a future booking, it’s always guaranteed that you have a place to stay in Melbourne.

Book your serviced apartment today and use the discount code on our website to get the best rate. We are currently taking reservations for as early as next year.

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